Mojito Magic

A mojito may be the bane of a bartender’s existence (see this), but at Mojito Bay in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, the cocktail slingers can make you the best one you’ve ever had…..with their eyes closed.

Okay, location. Don’t be put off by the word “Ohio” in that first sentence. The village of Put-in-Bay on South Bass island is like nowhere you’ve ever been in the world. Yes it’s true, some refer it as the Key West of the Midwest or a closer-to-home-Caribbean, but the truth is, you can’t compare this little island to anything. I hate using cliches, but it’s truly a diamond in the rough. Or maybe an oasis, but not a desert oasis like most would think, but rather the second definition

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An Ode to the Claussen Pickle

So you sit down at a local deli and quickly order a sandwich.  You’re fastidious in your ordering process, but not fussy.  Maybe a nice reuben or italian, whatever you’re feeling that day.  It’s all neatly cut in half, organized and set on each end of the plate with a pocket of lightly sea salted chips in the middle.   Standing there behind the sneeze guard watching the preparation go down you’re thinking to yourself “Man, this looks like a pretty solid lunch.  Just what I needed to break up the work day.”

And then it happens, just as you’re about to give the sandwich artist a slight nod of approval.  Just as you’re about salute the establishment in which you’re standing for it’s artistry in meal composition.  The inconceivable.  A shitty pickle.

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The Last Great Chicago Neighborhood Bar

Simon’s Tavern is located in the sleepy little Chicago neighborhood called Andersonville.  Or at least that’s how Wikipedia describes the bustling little settlement.  I for one can’t rightly label a Chicago suburb ‘sleepy.’  It’s unbelievably awake, just like the rest of America’s second city.

First let me get something out of the way as cheesy as it may sound.  I ended up going to this bar because I saw it on Anthony Bourdain’s latest travel show, The Layover.  However short his new show falls in comparison to the old one, I still watch it because I’m a huge fan of his stuff.  He described Simon’s as “One of the last true neighborhood bars in Chicago.”  Although this statement is contrary to my assumed definition of a neighborhood bar, it was intriguing

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