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Mojito Magic

A mojito may be the bane of a bartender’s existence (see this), but at Mojito Bay in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, the cocktail slingers can make you the best one you’ve ever had…..with their eyes closed.

Okay, location. Don’t be put off by the word “Ohio” in that first sentence. The village of Put-in-Bay on South Bass island is like nowhere you’ve ever been in the world. Yes it’s true, some refer it as the Key West of the Midwest or a closer-to-home-Caribbean, but the truth is, you can’t compare this little island to anything. I hate using cliches, but it’s truly a diamond in the rough. Or maybe an oasis, but not a desert oasis like most would think, but rather the second definition

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Updated cocktail – The Vesper

Created by Ian Fleming, the Vesper was introduced in the 1953 novel Casino Royale by 00 agent James Bond and revisited in the 2006 film Casino Royale.  The book and the film are very similar with the intro of this inspired cocktail.

In the film, Bond is playing poker, he orders a champagne changes his mind and goes onto name the ingredients of his new cocktail.  The other poker players seem to agree its a tasty drink and proceed to order also.  Throughout the film Bond makes

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Airports can be fun – The bar hopping DIA video

Come Fly With Me at DIA

I love airports, and I really love airport taverns. There is absolutely no reason the airport can’t be one of the best segments of your travels. If you get past all the difficult stuff about flying (that everyone always talks about), air travel represents one of the greatest freedoms we have. Let me start by sharing my airport routine.

Let’s base this from a 7:52 p.m flight.

Right after I purchase my tickets I send to the Tripit App for my iPhone.

Day before – check-in online.

Night before – pack and have my bags sitting the door.

Night before – make sure all my electronic devices are charged and updated.

Night before – make sure my Bose noise canceling headphones have fresh

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