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Life Tips: Why we have Favorite Bartenders.

If you enjoy the occasional happy hour at your local dive, you’ll know this feeling. Immediately, as you walk into that place of solace, your eyes are drawn to bar confirming that your favorite bartender is working. You lock and eyes and just as you let out that sigh of relief, you’re libation is waiting, and your brain along with your taste buds just confirmed its going to be a good evening. Why do we seek out the same tavern with the same person behind the bar? It’s because they know you and know what you like. My bartender knows I’ll throw a Miller Light at someone before I drink it, so she will not give to me, ever (even if someone else buys it).

  1. Bartenders should know you after a few visits.
  2. Bartenders should buy you a drink once in a while.
  3. Lastly,
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