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Airports can be fun – The bar hopping DIA video

Come Fly With Me at DIA

I love airports, and I really love airport taverns. There is absolutely no reason the airport can’t be one of the best segments of your travels. If you get past all the difficult stuff about flying (that everyone always talks about), air travel represents one of the greatest freedoms we have. Let me start by sharing my airport routine.

Let’s base this from a 7:52 p.m flight.

Right after I purchase my tickets I send to the Tripit App for my iPhone. www.tripit.com

Day before – check-in online.

Night before – pack and have my bags sitting the door.

Night before – make sure all my electronic devices are charged and updated.

Night before – make sure my Bose noise canceling headphones have fresh

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Waterfall spotting on I-70

Idaho Springs, CO tends to be a quick stop for fuel or a bite to eat on the way up to the mountains, but the Vintage Moose Tavern warrants a bit more time.  The Vintage Moose is a recently renovated bar with great views of the Idaho Springs’ waterfall.  Perfect for a few beers or a cocktail while soaking up the local flavor.If you’re stopping in during the day, ask for Kenny; he owns the place and has plenty to talk about.  He’ll give you the info on everyone sitting in the bar, and then join you for a PBR.  Kenny’s friendliness is also part of his vision. He built a patio behind the main bar area – also waterfall view – with only one table for the sole purpose of drinking and facilitating conversation.The decor of

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